Colin Kaepernick – A Man Without a Job and a Country

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Within one year, Colin Kaepernick has become a man without a job and a country. Let’s first talk about his loss of job. Colin’s performance as a NFL QB has declined in his last 3 years since his rise in 2012 when Jim Harbaugh replaced Alex Smith with him due to a concussion. Alex never regained his starting job. Colin had a superb year and took the team to a Super Bowl and came up 5 yards short of a victory. He had another solid year in 2013 taking the 49ers to the NFC championship game losing to the Seahawks on an ill advised pass to Michael Crabtree who was well covered by Richard Sherman. If you review the play, on the right side of the end zone, Anquan Bouldin was WIDE OPEN for the possible winning touchdown. And, therein lies the fundamental problem with Colin’s game. He cannot survey the field and can only look at his primary receiver. If he is covered, the play most likely will fail. Although Jim Harbaugh was fired for purely political reasons, that in itself was not the main reason for Colin’s decline. Defenses figured him out and his lack of being able to survey the field was the main reason. I’ll illustrate his decline with QBR ratings on three QB’s:

2013 2014 2015 2016
Colin Kaepernick 68 67 46 55
Alex Smith 50 56 61 63
Tom Brady 65 79 75 83


Alex Smith had a QBR of 68 in 2012 as a 49er before he was replaced with Colin. As a Kansas City Chief, his rating dropped initially but improved every year as he became accustomed to their system. Conversely, Colin’s QBR took a drastic downturn in 2015 and he was actually benched to start the 2016 season behind Blaine Gabbert. I showed Tom Brady’s stats as a guideline on what all other QB’s goals should be.

Thus, based solely on performance and the fact that NFL coaches know that he can’t survey the field effectively, other teams are reluctant to hire him, especially as a starting QB. His salary is another issue that requires downward negotiations.

Now, I’ll discuss his political stance that he took before the 2016 season by refusing to stand for the national anthem. While I respect his stance, my belief is that he should have expressed his position about race, police targeting and brutality, and free speech in a forum outside of the game of football. Perhaps by holding press conferences with Harry Edwards, a well known race activist, who has consulted with the 49ers for decades. Sending his message in a constructive manner with the help of Dr. Edwards would have garnered support without offending Americans who have and are currently serving this country with their lives. This applies to both armed forces personnel and their families as well as the police force who enforce this country’s laws and protect our communities. By disrespecting the American flag, he has by default lost the heart of this country.

Sports is an entertainment outlet and should not be used for political messages.