Football is King. It is BIG business with the NFL being a $9 Billion enterprise while college is not far behind at $6 Billion. This doesn’t include the billions in gambling including Fantasy Football. Though it is the most popular sport, it is also the most brutal and violent. It is unsafe for the young men who play it in high school, college or the NFL.

The “bad” part of football are the injuries… mainly to the brain, but, to other parts of the body with shredded knees, broken ankles, etc. Highly paid players are “required” to play if they can walk because the fans pay big money to see them every Sunday (and Monday and Thursday) regardless of their health.

The “good” part of football is that players band together as a team and play for each other toward a common goal. Teamwork is vital in all walks of life. Football builds strength in character and teaches players the fruits of hard work.

Football is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future, as Mom’s (and to a certain degree, Dad’s) have not told their kids not to play football in mass. My theory is that it comes back to the potential $$$’s that their kids might be able to make in the NFL (and in college… lol).

My articles will focus mostly on the fun part of football as my theme is “relaxing entertainment”.

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