Basketball is simply fun to watch. There are only 5 players on each team and the action is fast and continuous. Team chemistry in this sport is crucial as communications amongst the players at both ends (defense and offense) is vital to either prevent a basket or score. Since the addition of the 3 point line, strategies have changed the game where passes are now made inside to free shooters on the outside.

As the sport has the fewest number of roster positions, every NBA team is made up of the best players in the world. Thus, a 20 point lead during the game is never safe.

And, because there are so few players, the Super Stars like LeBron, Durant, Curry, Westbrook, and Harden have monstrous followers with many bantering of who is most deserving of the MVP.

Depending on what team you follow, you either love or hate these Super Stars. Just remember that this is relaxing entertainment so show some respect for the other team’s Super Stars. They are Stars for a reason and I’m almost positive that that they would become one of your favorites if they joined your team.

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