Baseball is the oldest of the major sports and has by far the most tradition including all of the “un-written rules”. The beauty of baseball are all of these traditions and the fact that all games are played hard until the very last out is recorded. Of the major sports, it is the only one where you can have the radio tuned in while you work on your chores or your hobbies.

Many of these traditions are coming under scrutiny because the viewership ratings are down and the TV executives want to shorten the game. Once again, it comes down to money. For the record, I am against changing the game for the sake of TV viewership. Intentional walks, changing pitchers (lefty/righty), throwing to first base to keep the runners honest, etc. are all part of the game that we grew up to love. Taking away some of these strategies will be a crime. Umpires calling balls and strikes are also a huge part of the game and I’m hoping this part of the game will never change.

Here is to keeping baseball as pure as it has been for over a 100 years. And shame on you, Bud Selig, for changing the World Series home field advantage rule dictated by the 2002 All-Star game which ended in a tie as both teams ran out of players. Teams play 162 games for the honor of fighting for home field advantage and this honor is changed by the outcome of a meaningless All-Star game???  Huh???

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