2021 SF 49ers – Week 5: It’s Trey Time !!!

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Watching today’s game vs the undefeated Cardinals was enlightening and exciting. The Niners have now lost 3 games in a row… 2 to future Hall of Famers (Rodgers and Wilson) and today to Murray and the high powered Cardinals. So what’s exciting about a loss??? Trey Lance !!!

While Lance didn’t have a good game, he showed brilliance at times and also showed that he creates major issues for any NFL defense as they don’t really know if he will use his legs or his arm or both.

Shanahan also showed a lot of confidence in Trey as he didn’t hesitate to go on 4th down plays 5 times. They converted only once due to some poor play calling and poor execution. If Jimmy G were playing, Shanahan would have punted or kicked a field goal on every 4th down simply because he doesn’t trust Garoppolo.

The Niners are still a good team but until they fix the little things that caused these 3 losses, they will continue to be just another average team.

Looking forward, and I don’t care who is on their schedule, I believe that the Niner’s best chance of turning this season around is if Trey is under center. He played with a lot of confidence today regardless of facing many 2nd and 3rd and long situations due to sloppy penalties. Lance will only get better and we have seen the floor where he won’t play any worse and the ceiling is limitless. After all, this is why they gave up so much to draft him.

The other rookie QB’s (Lawrence, Wilson, Fields and Jones) are also struggling but seem to improve with experience. Lance is really in the best position of all of these QB’s because he is on a championship level team who haven’t shown their pedigree yet.

Shanahan stated after the game that nothing has changed regarding the QB position. If he goes back to Jimmy G., the Niners may still go on a winning streak but they will not do well in the Playoffs. By playing Garoppolo, it also sets back Lance’s growth schedule. If Shanahan starts Lance now, he may be a monster come Playoff time.

We all know that Trey Lance is the future franchise QB so why not make the future tomorrow???

2021 SF Giants – NL West Champs !!!

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The SF Giants win the NL West with their 107th victory of this glorious season. Now, the Post Season begins with the Giants being the #1 seed throughout the playoffs.

There are no guarantees, especially in baseball, but in addition to the home field advantage, I believe that the Giants winning 107 games was no accident. The Giants’ Mix-n-Match roster is their biggest advantage.

Gabe Kapler is hands-down the manager of the year. He has mastered the art of mixing-n-matching players depending on the opposing pitchers but also depending on Who’s-hot and Who’s-not. When a player goes down with an injury, Kapler seems to always make the right calls on who to play to fill the injury gap. Since the Giants’ Closer, Jake McGee, went on the Injury List on September 17, the Giants won 12 and lost 3. Since Captain Brandon went down with a broken thumb on September 28, the Giants have won 5 and lost 1. KB, Wade Jr., Longo, and Yaz have been in slumps the last few weeks but Gabe still plays them for their defense and plays others depending on the situation and their analytics. Kapler definitely depends on analytics but he also has some “Bochy” in him and goes with his gut at times.

It’ll be interesting to see who makes the Playoff roster and also to see what starters Kapler will use and in which order amongst Logan Webb, Kevin Gausman, Anthony DeSclafani, and Alex Wood. It was great to see Darin Ruf get hot and play great defense after Belt went down. It was also great to see how Camilo Doval responded with heat in the strike zone to close games after McGee went down.

I had to smile when the Fodgers continued to win and show their pedigree but even 106 wins was not good enough to win the West. The Giants end their 8 year run at winning the West!

Congratulations to LaMonte Wade Jr. for winning the prestigious Willie Mac award. Players like LaNinth are the reason that the Giants are winners.

Congratulations to the entire SF Giants Organization from Management, to Coaches, to Players, to all other supporting staff members, and to the diehard and loyal fans!!!

2021 SF 49ers – Week 2 : Nick Bosa Puts Hurt on Hurts

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Nick Bosa is Baaaaack and being the destroyer that he was in 2019. 2 Sacks and 1 Forced Fumble on mobile QB Jalen Hurts won it for the Niners in a big time Dog Fight at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly. The Defense as a whole bent but didn’t break as Fred Warner, Javon Kinlaw, Jimmy Ward, Jaquiski Tartt, Deom Lenoir, and Josh Norman all had impact plays. The turning point of the game occurred when the Eagles were up 3-0 late in the 2nd quarter and Mitch Wishnowsky hit a beautiful punt inside the Eagles 5 yard line. On the very next play, Hurts threw a pass to Quez Watkins which turned into a 91 yard pass play. Tartt ran Watkins down on the Niner 4 yard line. From  there, the Niner D stiffened. The Eagles went for a trick play on 4th down which failed due to the disciplined Niner D. Then, Jimmy G drove the Niners 97 yards for a score right before the half. So, instead of being down 10-0, the Niners went up 7-3 at Halftime. Additionally, in the Eagles prior drive, they were inside the Niner 30 and tried a Field Goal that Kinlaw blocked with his huge paws. The Eagles could have easily been up 13-0 at halftime instead of being down 7-3. Taking away the 91 yard pass play, Hurts was held to less than 100 yards of passing.

On Offense, Jimmy G had a solid game after starting slowly with 3 straight 3 and Outs. The Niners ultimately took control of the game with a 97 yard drive capped with a TD throw to Jauan Jennings and another time consuming 92 yard drive in the 3rd/4th quarter capped by Jimmy G’s TD run. After the slow start, Jimmy G completed 19 of his final 23 throws and picked up multiple crucial 1st downs with his legs. As a matter of fact, he rushed up the middle on 3rd and 1 on 4 different occasions picking up a 1st down each time and once scoring a TD. Deebo had another solid game and Brandon Aiyuk made a great catch for a 1st down during the 97 yard TD drive. On that same drive, Jimmy G threw his best pass of the day as he threaded a bullet between two Eagles defenders and hit Deebo in stride who took it for a big first down play. My game ball on Offense, however, goes to Alex Mack. With the Eagles front four being a dominant force, Mack did not allow any QB pressure up the middle and Jimmy G was not sacked once. Additionally, on the four 3rd and 1 situations that the Niners faced, Mack completely dominated the Eagles defensive line allowing Jimmy G to pick up the 1 TD and 3 1st downs with ease. The last one was hard to believe as it came at the 2 minute warning and the game on the line. The Eagles knew what was coming and they still couldn’t stop it… So Jimmy G took 3 knees to run the clock out.

As for Coaching, Kyle Shanahan played it brilliantly. He knew that the Philly crowd would be going bonkers so he stayed with Jimmy G who didn’t make a single mistake in that loud and hostile environment. He protected Trey Lance from the Eagles’ disruptive defense and from the very loud crowd and let the veteran carry out his plays. It played out just like Shanahan had planned with a hard fought victory.

It’s hard to win in the NFL so going 2-0 on the road is a great achievement and a great way to start the season. Now, bring on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers !!!

2021 SF 49ers – Week 1 Win or Weak 1 Win

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I’ll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day of the week. But, I have to admit that the win felt like a loss as our vaunted Defense simply didn’t show up. Almost blowing a 38-10 lead half way through the 3rd quarter is simply inexcusable. And after the game, we learned that our Shut-Down Corner, Jason Verrett, tore his ACL and will be lost for the remainder of the season. Additionally, our Mosterati, blew a piston and also will be shut down for the year. I feel soooo bad for both Jason and Raheem as they worked so hard to get ready for the season.

Looking at the positives, the Offense looked sharp and played like they are already in mid-season form. Jimmy G threw for 314 yards, Rookie Elijah Mitchell ran for 104 yards and Deebo had 189 receiving yards. Putting up these kinds of stats while scoring 41 points is something to look forward to in the coming games. As atrocious as the Defense performed, one cannot overlook the positives. Dee Ford and Nick Bosa played like 2019 and hopefully can remain healthy. Our 5th round pick, Deom Lenore had a rock solid 1st game playing the Corner opposite Verrett. He allowed only 3 yards for the entire game and played all 90 defensive snaps. Our 6th round pick, Elijah Mitchell ran for 104 yards on 19 carries after Raheem went down. And, Trey Lance came in for 4 plays and threw a TD to Trent Sherfield on his very first pass of his NFL career. The Offensive Line looked dominant. With the addition of Alex Mack at Center, there was no QB pressure up the middle. And Mike McGlinchey put on some muscle weight and looks solid at Right Tackle. Trent Williams is simply the best Left Tackle in the game. Jimmy G looked confident and had the most accurate deep passer rating in the entire league in week 1.

Nobody disputes that Kyle Shanahan is a play-calling genius. What is overlooked is how great he is as a motivator. He is giving both Brandon Aiyuk and Trey Sermon tough love as he expects more from them while they are being pushed by Trent Sherfield and Elijah Mitchell. Watch both Aiyuk and Sermon start having big games in the coming weeks. Shanahan has also learned from last year’s disastrous injury ridden season. He is being extra careful about making sure that guys like Ford, Bosa, and Javon Kinlaw are completely healthy before taking the field. Lastly, you can bet that Shanahan will sprinkle in more plays for Trey Lance in the coming games. Defensive Coordinators have to be shakin’ in their boots in trying to prepare for both Jimmy G and Trey.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have been and continue to be in sync in building a solid roster. In this year’s draft, clearly the focus was on bringing in new players in positions where they have had a history of injuries. Trey Lance was drafted as Jimmy G was hurt more than he played in his tenure as a Niner. Of course, there was the other major reason as Kyle wanted a mobile QB threat as well. Raheem Mostert also has had a history of injuries so they drafted both Trey Sermon and Elijah Mitchell. And to solidify the Offensive Line, they drafted Aaron Banks and Jaylon Moore. There is no substitute for fielding a solid O-Line to protect your QB and create gaps for your RB’s.

We shall see how the Niners perform against the Eagles in Philly. Will it be a solid Week 2 or Weak 2 performance?

2021 SF Giants – First to Clinch Playoff Berth – Built for October Baby !!!

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Congratulations to the entire SF Giants Organization from Management, to Coaches, to Players, to all other supporting staff members, and to the diehard and loyal fans!!!

It is September 13 and the Giants just won their 94th game with 18 to go. A whopping 44 games above .500. They are the first team to clinch a playoff berth in the 2021 MLB Playoffs.

While watching and listening to the post-game interviews, three things rang loud and clear. 1) This is a happy moment for all Giants as this is what they have worked so hard to achieve. 2) This is a close knit family of friends who support each other, don’t get too high, don’t get too low, and have a lot of fun at work. 3) While getting into the Playoffs is a major achievement they still have a lot of work ahead of them.

The roster is made up of mostly veterans with the core still being Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and the self-proclaimed Captain Brandon Belt. Other vets who have contributed mightily are Longo, Yaz, KB, Flores, and Casali. Then there are the unsung heroes (La Stella, Ruf, Estrada, Duggar, Slater, Wade Jr., Dickerson, and Solano). While the starting pitchers are solid, a new Ace has emerged, Logan Webb. In his last 12 starts, Logan has the best ERA in all of MLB. Gausman has had some issues after the All-Star game but seems to found his footing again. Same with DeSclafani. The wear and tear of the long season has caught up to Wood and Cueto so the Giants have played a number of “Reliever” games with Alvarez, Garcia, Jackson, Littell, Leone,  Quintana, Watson, Castro and Doval. Tyler Rodgers is the established 8th inning set-up guy and Jake McGee proved himself as the Closer.

Give a lot of credit to Farhan Zaidi who brought in LaMonte Wade, Jr., Tommy LaStella, and Kris Bryant (KB) and brought back Tony Watson. Lastly, we can’t forget the great job that Gabe Kapler has done. There have been 86 roster moves due to injuries this year and the Giants haven’t missed a beat. Just one example of many came last week when Wilmer Flores was resting his sore hamstring in SF but Kapler flew him out to Chicago for one game. Flores had a monster game getting 3 hits including a HR in a close 6-5 win allowing the Giants to sweep the Cubs and go 6-0 on the road trip. The hitting coaches Donnie Ecker and Justin Viele have done an absolute terrific job. The Giants have hit 217 HR’s this year and have 10 players with 10 or more. The Giants lead the league in pinch hit HR’s and hits due to Kapler’s timely decisions.

As good a season that the Giants have had, they remain focused as the Dodgers are right on their tails. They know that they still have a lot of work to do. The 2021 SF Giants are indeed “Resilient” and are truly Built for October.

2021 GS Warriors Great Off Season

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Many speculated that the Dubs will make monster trades this off-season after missing the playoffs in two consecutive years. Ben Simmons was talked about as a key acquisition. While Simmons is an OK defender, his offense and free throws are atrocious and getting worse year-over-year. The Sixer management thinks he is a top 10 player and have asked for Wiseman, Wiggins, Kuminga, Moody, and 3 1st round picks for Ben… What a laugh!!! Pascal Siakam was reported to be very high on the Dubs list. The Raptors would want at a minimum, James Wiseman and Wiggins for Siakam. In the meantime, the Dubs management are very smart and coy and would consider only one trade partner, the Wizards, for Bradley Beal. While Beal would be a wonderful addition, there are two major sticking points. One, Beal has yet to decide if he wants out of Washington. Two, the price that the Wizards are asking is way too high. They want Wiggins, Kuminga, Moody and three 1st round picks. Other trade rumors are just that… rumors that will never come to fruition.

Lacob and Myers know what they have and also know what is happening in the NBA landscape. They have seen both the Atlanta Hawks and Phoenix Suns climb high in the playoffs with the Hawks making the Eastern Confernce Finals while the Suns made the NBA Finals. What is interesting is that both of these teams for the most part are made up with home grown talent with some key vets brought in to bolster their rosters. Then take a look at the Nets and Lakers who spent their wods on a few top notched players but had to give up their young talent and draft picks and had little room to add any quality to their bench. Subsequently, both the Nets and Lakers failed to make to Finals. In the NBA, the bench matters!!!

Apparently, the Lakers didn’t get the message as they traded more of their young talent to get established players. They traded Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, Kentavious-Pope and a host of draft picks for Russell Westbrook. They then signed Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza. Actually, the Lakers initially talked to Kareem, Magic, and Shaq about making a come-back but all three said that they already have their rings so politely declined and told them to sign older players who have yet to win a ring.

With Klay coming back in the middle of the next season, the Dubs will have a top notched roster heading into the second half of the 2021-2022 season. They made some great acquisitions signing Otto Porter Jr. and Nemanja Bjelica. Porter was the 3rd overall pick in the 2013 draft. While he has had an injury plagued career, his talents are undeniable. He is a 6’8” Forward who shoots over 40% from the 3 and over 47% from within the 3. Bjelica is a 6’ 10” Power Forward who who shoots over 38% from the 3 and 46.5% from within the 3. I still remember Bjelica torching the Dubs while he was with Sacramento. Both shoot in the high 70’s% from the free throw line. To top things off, they are bringing Andre Iguodala back to play limited but high intesity minutes for the Dubs.

To add to the young group of talented youngsters, the Dubs drafted Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody in the 1st round of this years draft. Kuminga is compared to the Greek Freak when he first came into the league. Both Kuminga and Giannis have raw but high octane talent. Moody was thought to be a top 7 draft talent but he fell to the Dubs at 14. He and Kuminga can both be steals of the 2021 NBA Draft. With James Wiseman getting reps in his 2nd year he may have the same growth trajectory as  Deandre Ayton of the Western Conference Champion Suns. Justinian Jessup who was a 2nd round pick last year, played in the tough Australian league to develop his skills. His 3 point shooting is lights-out and he could very well spend some time with the Dubs this year while continuing to develop in Santa Cruz. Jordan Poole can be the surprise of the year as he seemingly turned the corner last year. And Gary Payton II looks just like his Dad and plays lights-out defense. Payton is the reason that the Dubs didn’t draft the kids from Baylor, Davion Mitchell.

With Draymond and Andre as teachers of this very talented group of youngsters, the future for the Dubs may be now without having to give up the farm for an establised star player.

2021 SF Giants – KB will do for the Giants what KD did for the Dubs !!!

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Kris Bryant (KB) was signed by Farhan Zaidi with 10 minutes remaining in the MLB trade deadline date of August 30. The former NL MVP and World Series Champion with the Cubs joined the Giants on September 1 and hit a HR in front of a delirious home crowd in his 2nd plate appearance.

Since KB joined the Giants, they have won 5 games and lost 2. He is batting .323 with 1 HR, 3 Doubles, 5 Walks and 3 RBI’s while playing 3rd base, Center Field and Left Field. He has the versatility to be able to play all 8 positions and play all of them very well.

While KB’s stats and outstanding defense have been remarkable, there is something else going on that can only be explained as baseball mojo or team chemistry that has carried the Giants all season long and has been enhanced with KB joining the team.

How else can anyone explain these recent wins:

  • LeMonte Wade Jr. invites his parents to the 7/31 home game vs the red hot cheating Astros. He hits a splash HR into McCovey Cove which sailed directly over his Mom’s head. Btw, they take 2 out of 3 vs the Cheaters.
  • On 8/5, the Diamondbacks’ Merrill Kelly was throwing a gem of a game giving up only 3 hits over 8 innings allowing only 2 Giants to reach 2nd base. He was leading 4-0 after 8 innings but the Diamondbacks’ Manager, Torey Lovullo, made a decision to take Kelly out of the game and let his relievers finish the game. With the Giants mojo in high gear, they scored 4 to tie the game in the 9th and scored again in the 10th in one of the more improbable wins of the year. KB showcased his value by starting the 9th inning with a Double and also starting the 10th inning with yet another Double. The rest of his teammates picked up his vibes and did their jobs to pull out this win.
  • On 8/7, the Brewers’ Brandon Woodruff pitched his usual lights out game and was leading 2-1 in the 9th inning. With 2 outs and 2 strikes against him, Tommy La Stella, drove a high and deep fly ball to right field, the Brewers’ Avisail Garcia got turned around, bumped up against the wall, and simply dropped the ball for a 3 base error which somehow was ruled a Triple and KB scored to tie the game (who else???). The Giants scored 3 times in the 10th from Buster Posey’s 2 run single and Brandon Crawford’s deep sacrifice fly. The Brewers promptly hit 2 HR’s in their bottom of the 10th to tie the game 5-5. In the 11th, LeMonte Wade had an RBI Single, Brandon Belt hit a 2 run HR, and KB hit a deep Double to drive in Posey. As astounding as the scoring from the Giants in the late innings of this game, equally unbelievable was the Giants’ Bullpen. This was the 3rd straight extra innings game and they had run out of pitchers. They didn’t want to use their Closer, Jake McGee, but he gutted it out and came in to close it out for another improbable Giants’ win. Another improbable stat was Brandon Belt coming back from a knee injury and “belting” 4 HR’s against the tough Brewers in 3 games.

Yes… the Giants were very good before acquiring KB. Since he has become a Giant, they became a great team which now sports the best record in the MLB at 71-41… a whopping 30 games over .500.

I can’t help but think that KB will do for the Giants what KD did for the Dubs!!! Need I say more?

2021 SF Giants – Who Are These Guys ???

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Is it 2010, 2012, or 2014? Are the Giants going to start a new trend by winning World Series in odd numbered years?

Indeed it is way too early to project the Giants in the World Series. But after 72 games, they sport the best record in the MLB with 46 wins and 26 losses… 20 games over .500.

On paper, both the Dodgers and Padres have all-star rosters with many players making whopping salaries. The Giants, at the beginning of the year, didn’t have any players who could seriously be considered all-stars. Consistent winning tends to erase pre-season projections.

On offense, the Giants are hitting, hitting with power and getting hits at the right times. After 72 games, they have 107 HR’s, 13 Triples, 109 Doubles, and 341 Singles. The heroes of the 2010, 2012, 2014 World Series teams are still shining bright lights. Buster Posey is having an all-star year batting .329 with 12 Homers. Brandon Crawford is having his best year of his career batting .249 with an eye opening 16 Homers. Brandon Belt is also having a great year batting .253 with 11 Homers. Add Evan Longoria and Mike Yastremski with 9 Homers each. Additionally, Yaz has an astounding 19 Doubles after missing 17 games with injuries. Longo has missed 22 games and counting after a violent collision with Crawford. Darrin Ruf has missed 29 games, Tommy LaStella has missed 47 games, Donnie (Barrels) Solano has missed 28 games, Brandon Belt has missed 19 games, and Alex Dickerson has missed 21 games. The “next man up” theory is working in a big way for these Giants this year.

How about the June Swoon? This year, the Giants are 12-6 in June thus far.

I must confess that I was not a big fan of the Gabe Kapler hiring, but he is making the right moves as it relates to analytics. Using pinch hitting as a stat, he has used 147 pinch hitters through 72 games which have resulted in league leading 30 hits and league leading 8 Homers producing 24 RBI’s. Platooning players based on analytics have produced big-time for the Giants this year as they are hitting and hitting for power.

Starting pitching has been a bright spot for the Giants, also. Kevin Gausman is leading the charge with an amazing 1.51 ERA. Anthony DeSclafani (3.01 ERA), Johnny Cueto (4.05 ERA), Alex Wood (4.09 ERA), Logan Webb (3.86 ERA) and newly added Sammy Long (4.20 ERA) round out a solid starting crew. While the Relievers had a rough start to the season, they have come around. The overall ERA for all pitchers is a very respectable 3.32.

Fielding also had a shaky start but their defense lead by Posey and Crawford is now one of the best in baseball.

After 72 games, the Giants can’t be ignored. They will be dangerous in a good way and I am loving it!!!

2021 SF 49ers Schedule and Prediction

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Week 1: @ Lions

W (1-0) – Niners owned Goff as a Ram. They will destroy him as a Lion.

Week 2: @ Eagles

W (2-0) – Jalen Hurts will be hurting.

Week 3: Packers (Sunday Night)

W (3-0) – Aaron Rodgers maybe happy again with the Packers but will be sad again after the game.

Week 4: Seahawks

W (4-0) – Russell Wilson may be leading the league in sacks after this game.

Week 5: @ Cardinals

L (4-1) – Cardinals surrounded Kyler Murray with weapons.

Week 6: bye

Week 7: Colts

W (5-1) – Carson Wentz to the Colts but he should have wentz to the Packers, Seahawks or Texans cuz their QB’s are not happy.

Week 8: @ Bears

W (6-1) – With either Andy Dalton or Justin Fields, the Bears will already be in early hibernation.

Week 9: Cardinals

W (7-1) – Niners avenge their only loss with an unstoppable running game with Mostert-atti,  Wilson, Sermon, and Mitchell.

Week 10: Rams

W (8-1) – Shanahan has McVay’s number.

Week 11: @ Jaguars

W (9-1) – Urban Meyer still thinks he is coaching a college team.

Week 12: Vikings

W (10-1) – Kellon Mond may be their QB as Cousins went to visit his relatives.

Week 13: @ Seahawks (Sunday Night)

L (10-2) – Russell Wilson performs his magic getting out of multiple sack situations.

Week 14: @ Bengals

W (11-2) – Burrow has gotten better but not good enough. The Niner’s D will burrow him.

Week 15: Falcons

W (12-2) – Falcons got the best young Tight End (Kyle Pitts) but Fred Warner will show him who’s boss.

Week 16: @ Titans (Thursday Night)

W (13-2) – Trey Sermon will win GMFB’s Angry Run scepter instead of Derrick Henry this week.

Week 17: Texans

W (14-2) – Trey Lance’s first start.

Week 18: @ Rams

W (15-2) – Jimmy G will torch the Ram’s D including Jalen Ramsey.

Niners head into the Playoffs with a dominant running game and a passing game which will be much better than the 2019 Super Bowl team. With Bosa back and as well as the CB’s (Jason Verrett, K’Waun Williams and  E-Man Moseley), the D will also be scary good. On Offense, Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk will become stars along with Kittle but watch out for Jalen Hurd who missed his first 2 seasons with injuries. At 6’ 5” 230 lbs., he will be the perfect Red Zone WR. Travis Benjamin as the slot receiver will surprise, also. On Defense, Nick Bosa, Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw will be stand-outs but Javon Kinlaw will become a star. Both rookie CB’s  Ambry Thomas and Deommodore Lenoir will emerge as keepers and will get plenty of playing time. Rookie Safety Talanoa Hufanga will be a Special Teams star and will get plays on D on pass rushing downs. He will be the “steal” of the 2021 NFL draft.

How the Niners do in the Playoffs is a story for another day (as I say this smiling).

2021 NBA MVP – Steph Curry

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Steph Curry is Super-Human, Other-Worldly, the Human-Torch and the MVP for the 2021 NBA season. The Nuggets’ Nicola Jokic is also deserving of the MVP as he also is having a Great year. Therein lies the difference… Someone having an Other-Worldly season should be MVP vs someone having a Great season.

When NBA fans watch the Denver Nuggets play, they watch a very good team with very good players and a great player in Jokic. When they watch the Warriors play, they “stop what they’re doing and watch” the Human-Torch light it up to see what magic he can perform.

Steph means more to his team than any other player means to their respective team. Last year, he broke his wrist and played only 5 games in a pandemic shortened season. The Warriors’ went 15-50 and obviously did not qualify for the playoffs. This year, Steph has been relatively healthy but missed 8 games when he took a hard fall on his tail-bone. The Warriors are 36-26 when Steph plays and 1-7 when he was hurt. Nobody means more to a team then Steph means to Golden State. When Steph is on the floor, The Warriors score 16 points more per 100 possessions. This compares to the Nuggets scoring 4.7 points more per 100 possessions when Jokic is on the floor.

Steph, the Human-Torch has hit 10 or more 3’s in 7 games. This is more than every other NBA players combined. He leads the league in scoring (31.8 points per game). When he won the MVP in the 2014-15 season, he averaged 23.8 points and when he won MVP unanimously in the 2015-16 season he averaged 30.1 points. He leads the league in made 3’s with 328. And during an 11-game stretch last month, Curry became the first NBA player to average 40 points while shooting at least 50% from the field, 40% from 3-point range and 90% from the free-throw line.

What else has he done this year? Curry posted a career-high in points in one game (62). He surpassed Reggie Miller for second place on the NBA’s all-time 3-point list (2,822). And he replaced Wilt Chamberlain as the Warriors’ all-time leading scorer (18,367 points).

Just another season’s work for an Other-Worldly NBA player named Steph Curry.