Avid sports fans stress out about their favorite teams if they aren’t “world champions”. STOP IT !!!

Sports is entertainment so you should enjoy it. Relax, have fun, and continue to support your teams through thick or thin. Not all teams can be winners… Look at what the Chicago Cubs fans had to endure for 108 years before they were able to proudly raise their “W” flag. Also, the Cleveland fans were rewarded with the 2016 NBA title for the first time in 52 years. That, my friends, is a lot of waiting so you might as well have fun with it…

Some teams are consistent winners while others aren’t. Regardless, you are dedicated to your team(s) so just enjoy them and their performances while respecting their opponents and their fans. I’m sure you have family members or friends who root for other teams. Hoping that the barbs thrown around are all in fun, otherwise, you can find yourself as a very lonely person.

I have always been a sports enthusiast and feel so very fortunate to have lived in the Bay Area of California all of my life. Let me count the ways:

SF Forty Niners – 5 Super Bowl victories out of 6 appearances

SF Giants – 3 World Series victories in SF and 5 in New York out of 20 appearances

Golden State Warriors – 2 World Championships in the Bay Area and 2 in Philadelphia out of 7 appearances

Oakland A’s – 4 World Series victories in Oakland and 5 in Philadelphia out of 15 appearances

Oakland Raiders – 2 Super Bowl victories in Oakland and 1 in Los Angeles out of 5 appearances.

Sports fans all across the globe have their favorite teams and are passionate about them regardless of if they win or lose. I have suffered through many lean years with my teams but still love them. Winning, while still important to me, isn’t the only reason for following my teams. Trade rumors, drafting players, hiring/firing coaches and GM’s are all part of sports life that keep a constant interest and dialogue going. Hope is the only constant and when that hope is fulfilled, it is a feeling of sheer exuberance.

My site will be focused mostly on Football, Baseball and Basketball but I’ll occasionally write about other sports with special interests in Tennis and Fly Fishing as they are my hobbies.

I was motivated to create this site to share my experiences with you with the hope that I could sway you to support your favorite teams through the lens of relaxing entertainment.

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