2021 SF 49ers – Week 1 Win or Weak 1 Win

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I’ll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day of the week. But, I have to admit that the win felt like a loss as our vaunted Defense simply didn’t show up. Almost blowing a 38-10 lead half way through the 3rd quarter is simply inexcusable. And after the game, we learned that our Shut-Down Corner, Jason Verrett, tore his ACL and will be lost for the remainder of the season. Additionally, our Mosterati, blew a piston and also will be shut down for the year. I feel soooo bad for both Jason and Raheem as they worked so hard to get ready for the season.

Looking at the positives, the Offense looked sharp and played like they are already in mid-season form. Jimmy G threw for 314 yards, Rookie Elijah Mitchell ran for 104 yards and Deebo had 189 receiving yards. Putting up these kinds of stats while scoring 41 points is something to look forward to in the coming games. As atrocious as the Defense performed, one cannot overlook the positives. Dee Ford and Nick Bosa played like 2019 and hopefully can remain healthy. Our 5th round pick, Deom Lenore had a rock solid 1st game playing the Corner opposite Verrett. He allowed only 3 yards for the entire game and played all 90 defensive snaps. Our 6th round pick, Elijah Mitchell ran for 104 yards on 19 carries after Raheem went down. And, Trey Lance came in for 4 plays and threw a TD to Trent Sherfield on his very first pass of his NFL career. The Offensive Line looked dominant. With the addition of Alex Mack at Center, there was no QB pressure up the middle. And Mike McGlinchey put on some muscle weight and looks solid at Right Tackle. Trent Williams is simply the best Left Tackle in the game. Jimmy G looked confident and had the most accurate deep passer rating in the entire league in week 1.

Nobody disputes that Kyle Shanahan is a play-calling genius. What is overlooked is how great he is as a motivator. He is giving both Brandon Aiyuk and Trey Sermon tough love as he expects more from them while they are being pushed by Trent Sherfield and Elijah Mitchell. Watch both Aiyuk and Sermon start having big games in the coming weeks. Shanahan has also learned from last year’s disastrous injury ridden season. He is being extra careful about making sure that guys like Ford, Bosa, and Javon Kinlaw are completely healthy before taking the field. Lastly, you can bet that Shanahan will sprinkle in more plays for Trey Lance in the coming games. Defensive Coordinators have to be shakin’ in their boots in trying to prepare for both Jimmy G and Trey.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have been and continue to be in sync in building a solid roster. In this year’s draft, clearly the focus was on bringing in new players in positions where they have had a history of injuries. Trey Lance was drafted as Jimmy G was hurt more than he played in his tenure as a Niner. Of course, there was the other major reason as Kyle wanted a mobile QB threat as well. Raheem Mostert also has had a history of injuries so they drafted both Trey Sermon and Elijah Mitchell. And to solidify the Offensive Line, they drafted Aaron Banks and Jaylon Moore. There is no substitute for fielding a solid O-Line to protect your QB and create gaps for your RB’s.

We shall see how the Niners perform against the Eagles in Philly. Will it be a solid Week 2 or Weak 2 performance?

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