2021 GS Warriors Great Off Season

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Many speculated that the Dubs will make monster trades this off-season after missing the playoffs in two consecutive years. Ben Simmons was talked about as a key acquisition. While Simmons is an OK defender, his offense and free throws are atrocious and getting worse year-over-year. The Sixer management thinks he is a top 10 player and have asked for Wiseman, Wiggins, Kuminga, Moody, and 3 1st round picks for Ben… What a laugh!!! Pascal Siakam was reported to be very high on the Dubs list. The Raptors would want at a minimum, James Wiseman and Wiggins for Siakam. In the meantime, the Dubs management are very smart and coy and would consider only one trade partner, the Wizards, for Bradley Beal. While Beal would be a wonderful addition, there are two major sticking points. One, Beal has yet to decide if he wants out of Washington. Two, the price that the Wizards are asking is way too high. They want Wiggins, Kuminga, Moody and three 1st round picks. Other trade rumors are just that… rumors that will never come to fruition.

Lacob and Myers know what they have and also know what is happening in the NBA landscape. They have seen both the Atlanta Hawks and Phoenix Suns climb high in the playoffs with the Hawks making the Eastern Confernce Finals while the Suns made the NBA Finals. What is interesting is that both of these teams for the most part are made up with home grown talent with some key vets brought in to bolster their rosters. Then take a look at the Nets and Lakers who spent their wods on a few top notched players but had to give up their young talent and draft picks and had little room to add any quality to their bench. Subsequently, both the Nets and Lakers failed to make to Finals. In the NBA, the bench matters!!!

Apparently, the Lakers didn’t get the message as they traded more of their young talent to get established players. They traded Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, Kentavious-Pope and a host of draft picks for Russell Westbrook. They then signed Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza. Actually, the Lakers initially talked to Kareem, Magic, and Shaq about making a come-back but all three said that they already have their rings so politely declined and told them to sign older players who have yet to win a ring.

With Klay coming back in the middle of the next season, the Dubs will have a top notched roster heading into the second half of the 2021-2022 season. They made some great acquisitions signing Otto Porter Jr. and Nemanja Bjelica. Porter was the 3rd overall pick in the 2013 draft. While he has had an injury plagued career, his talents are undeniable. He is a 6’8” Forward who shoots over 40% from the 3 and over 47% from within the 3. Bjelica is a 6’ 10” Power Forward who who shoots over 38% from the 3 and 46.5% from within the 3. I still remember Bjelica torching the Dubs while he was with Sacramento. Both shoot in the high 70’s% from the free throw line. To top things off, they are bringing Andre Iguodala back to play limited but high intesity minutes for the Dubs.

To add to the young group of talented youngsters, the Dubs drafted Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody in the 1st round of this years draft. Kuminga is compared to the Greek Freak when he first came into the league. Both Kuminga and Giannis have raw but high octane talent. Moody was thought to be a top 7 draft talent but he fell to the Dubs at 14. He and Kuminga can both be steals of the 2021 NBA Draft. With James Wiseman getting reps in his 2nd year he may have the same growth trajectory as  Deandre Ayton of the Western Conference Champion Suns. Justinian Jessup who was a 2nd round pick last year, played in the tough Australian league to develop his skills. His 3 point shooting is lights-out and he could very well spend some time with the Dubs this year while continuing to develop in Santa Cruz. Jordan Poole can be the surprise of the year as he seemingly turned the corner last year. And Gary Payton II looks just like his Dad and plays lights-out defense. Payton is the reason that the Dubs didn’t draft the kids from Baylor, Davion Mitchell.

With Draymond and Andre as teachers of this very talented group of youngsters, the future for the Dubs may be now without having to give up the farm for an establised star player.

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