2021 SF Giants – Who Are These Guys ???

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Is it 2010, 2012, or 2014? Are the Giants going to start a new trend by winning World Series in odd numbered years?

Indeed it is way too early to project the Giants in the World Series. But after 72 games, they sport the best record in the MLB with 46 wins and 26 losses… 20 games over .500.

On paper, both the Dodgers and Padres have all-star rosters with many players making whopping salaries. The Giants, at the beginning of the year, didn’t have any players who could seriously be considered all-stars. Consistent winning tends to erase pre-season projections.

On offense, the Giants are hitting, hitting with power and getting hits at the right times. After 72 games, they have 107 HR’s, 13 Triples, 109 Doubles, and 341 Singles. The heroes of the 2010, 2012, 2014 World Series teams are still shining bright lights. Buster Posey is having an all-star year batting .329 with 12 Homers. Brandon Crawford is having his best year of his career batting .249 with an eye opening 16 Homers. Brandon Belt is also having a great year batting .253 with 11 Homers. Add Evan Longoria and Mike Yastremski with 9 Homers each. Additionally, Yaz has an astounding 19 Doubles after missing 17 games with injuries. Longo has missed 22 games and counting after a violent collision with Crawford. Darrin Ruf has missed 29 games, Tommy LaStella has missed 47 games, Donnie (Barrels) Solano has missed 28 games, Brandon Belt has missed 19 games, and Alex Dickerson has missed 21 games. The “next man up” theory is working in a big way for these Giants this year.

How about the June Swoon? This year, the Giants are 12-6 in June thus far.

I must confess that I was not a big fan of the Gabe Kapler hiring, but he is making the right moves as it relates to analytics. Using pinch hitting as a stat, he has used 147 pinch hitters through 72 games which have resulted in league leading 30 hits and league leading 8 Homers producing 24 RBI’s. Platooning players based on analytics have produced big-time for the Giants this year as they are hitting and hitting for power.

Starting pitching has been a bright spot for the Giants, also. Kevin Gausman is leading the charge with an amazing 1.51 ERA. Anthony DeSclafani (3.01 ERA), Johnny Cueto (4.05 ERA), Alex Wood (4.09 ERA), Logan Webb (3.86 ERA) and newly added Sammy Long (4.20 ERA) round out a solid starting crew. While the Relievers had a rough start to the season, they have come around. The overall ERA for all pitchers is a very respectable 3.32.

Fielding also had a shaky start but their defense lead by Posey and Crawford is now one of the best in baseball.

After 72 games, the Giants can’t be ignored. They will be dangerous in a good way and I am loving it!!!

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