2021 SF 49ers Schedule and Prediction

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Week 1: @ Lions

W (1-0) – Niners owned Goff as a Ram. They will destroy him as a Lion.

Week 2: @ Eagles

W (2-0) – Jalen Hurts will be hurting.

Week 3: Packers (Sunday Night)

W (3-0) – Aaron Rodgers maybe happy again with the Packers but will be sad again after the game.

Week 4: Seahawks

W (4-0) – Russell Wilson may be leading the league in sacks after this game.

Week 5: @ Cardinals

L (4-1) – Cardinals surrounded Kyler Murray with weapons.

Week 6: bye

Week 7: Colts

W (5-1) – Carson Wentz to the Colts but he should have wentz to the Packers, Seahawks or Texans cuz their QB’s are not happy.

Week 8: @ Bears

W (6-1) – With either Andy Dalton or Justin Fields, the Bears will already be in early hibernation.

Week 9: Cardinals

W (7-1) – Niners avenge their only loss with an unstoppable running game with Mostert-atti,  Wilson, Sermon, and Mitchell.

Week 10: Rams

W (8-1) – Shanahan has McVay’s number.

Week 11: @ Jaguars

W (9-1) – Urban Meyer still thinks he is coaching a college team.

Week 12: Vikings

W (10-1) – Kellon Mond may be their QB as Cousins went to visit his relatives.

Week 13: @ Seahawks (Sunday Night)

L (10-2) – Russell Wilson performs his magic getting out of multiple sack situations.

Week 14: @ Bengals

W (11-2) – Burrow has gotten better but not good enough. The Niner’s D will burrow him.

Week 15: Falcons

W (12-2) – Falcons got the best young Tight End (Kyle Pitts) but Fred Warner will show him who’s boss.

Week 16: @ Titans (Thursday Night)

W (13-2) – Trey Sermon will win GMFB’s Angry Run scepter instead of Derrick Henry this week.

Week 17: Texans

W (14-2) – Trey Lance’s first start.

Week 18: @ Rams

W (15-2) – Jimmy G will torch the Ram’s D including Jalen Ramsey.

Niners head into the Playoffs with a dominant running game and a passing game which will be much better than the 2019 Super Bowl team. With Bosa back and as well as the CB’s (Jason Verrett, K’Waun Williams and  E-Man Moseley), the D will also be scary good. On Offense, Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk will become stars along with Kittle but watch out for Jalen Hurd who missed his first 2 seasons with injuries. At 6’ 5” 230 lbs., he will be the perfect Red Zone WR. Travis Benjamin as the slot receiver will surprise, also. On Defense, Nick Bosa, Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw will be stand-outs but Javon Kinlaw will become a star. Both rookie CB’s  Ambry Thomas and Deommodore Lenoir will emerge as keepers and will get plenty of playing time. Rookie Safety Talanoa Hufanga will be a Special Teams star and will get plays on D on pass rushing downs. He will be the “steal” of the 2021 NFL draft.

How the Niners do in the Playoffs is a story for another day (as I say this smiling).

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