2021 NBA MVP – Steph Curry

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Steph Curry is Super-Human, Other-Worldly, the Human-Torch and the MVP for the 2021 NBA season. The Nuggets’ Nicola Jokic is also deserving of the MVP as he also is having a Great year. Therein lies the difference… Someone having an Other-Worldly season should be MVP vs someone having a Great season.

When NBA fans watch the Denver Nuggets play, they watch a very good team with very good players and a great player in Jokic. When they watch the Warriors play, they “stop what they’re doing and watch” the Human-Torch light it up to see what magic he can perform.

Steph means more to his team than any other player means to their respective team. Last year, he broke his wrist and played only 5 games in a pandemic shortened season. The Warriors’ went 15-50 and obviously did not qualify for the playoffs. This year, Steph has been relatively healthy but missed 8 games when he took a hard fall on his tail-bone. The Warriors are 36-26 when Steph plays and 1-7 when he was hurt. Nobody means more to a team then Steph means to Golden State. When Steph is on the floor, The Warriors score 16 points more per 100 possessions. This compares to the Nuggets scoring 4.7 points more per 100 possessions when Jokic is on the floor.

Steph, the Human-Torch has hit 10 or more 3’s in 7 games. This is more than every other NBA players combined. He leads the league in scoring (31.8 points per game). When he won the MVP in the 2014-15 season, he averaged 23.8 points and when he won MVP unanimously in the 2015-16 season he averaged 30.1 points. He leads the league in made 3’s with 328. And during an 11-game stretch last month, Curry became the first NBA player to average 40 points while shooting at least 50% from the field, 40% from 3-point range and 90% from the free-throw line.

What else has he done this year? Curry posted a career-high in points in one game (62). He surpassed Reggie Miller for second place on the NBA’s all-time 3-point list (2,822). And he replaced Wilt Chamberlain as the Warriors’ all-time leading scorer (18,367 points).

Just another season’s work for an Other-Worldly NBA player named Steph Curry.

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