Niners Had Magical Season, but Chiefs are Goin’ to Disneyland

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On the biggest stage in football, Patrick Mahomes showcased why he is the best QB in football and overcame a 20-10 Niner lead in the 4th quarter. With 7 minutes left in the game, the Chiefs were in a 3rd down and 15 to go and the game was in the balance on this play. Mahomes completed a 44 yard pass to Tyrek Hill and the comeback was on. They scored 3 TD’s in a span of 5 minutes while shutting down the Niners to secure the Lombardi Trophy in yet another come-from-behind victory which have now become expected instead of being improbable.

As painful as the loss was for the Niners and the Faithful fans, they had a truly great and magical season. They vaulted from a last place 4-12 team last year to make it into the Super Bowl this year. And, in this Super Bowl, they looked like the dominant team for three and a half quarters until Mahomes performed his magic.

When a team loses the big game, the media becomes relentless in laying blame on why they lost:

  • Shanahan blew another 4th quarter lead in the Super Bowl.
  • Shanahan should have called time out before halftime to give his team time to score.
  • Garoppolo proved why he isn’t an elite QB.
  • Garoppolo should have thrown to Kittle more often.
  • Garoppolo couldn’t throw the big pass in the big moment by overthrowing Sanders and missing a potential game winning TD.

In any NFL game, there are always 2 or 3 plays that determine the outcome. Mahomes made those plays and the Niners didn’t. I don’t lay blame on Shanahan or Garoppolo or any one Niner for the loss. They stayed true to what got them to the Super Bowl. If Mahomes had missed on that 3rd and 15 play and if Garoppolo had connected with Sanders on his long pass, then the media would have been blaming Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes for not being able to win the big game. And they would be praising Shanahan and Garoppolo for leading a losing team to a Super Bowl winner in one year.

The fact is that the Niners have become a really good team with young talent on this roster at almost every position. They will remain a very good team for the foreseeable future. Of course, the same can be said for the Chiefs, Ravens, Seahawks and the team that I believe is on the rise, the Arizona Cardinals. All of these teams have young scrambling QB’s who are threats throwing or running. Russell Wilson my not be young but he still plays like he’s young and he is the master that Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray model their games after.

It’s also a fact that the Niners have had their greatest challenges playing these teams having these new breed QB’s. This is the one area that they need to focus on along with the rest of the teams in the league. In the past, the NFL teams have figured out how to play the running QB’s. This may happen again but I must say that these young dudes are very special as they all are not only good with their arms and well as their legs, but they are also very smart and can make the right decisions in a split second. Very difficult to contain…

I’m holding my head high as a Niner fan as I know that Lynch and Shanahan have already built a winning team that will keep winning. As a Niner Faithful, thank you for a magical year !!!

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