Niners D-ominate Vikings !!! Cousins, “You Like That ???”

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How many ways can one say D-ominate?

  • D-ee Ford is baaaaack
  • K-won is baaaaaack
  • J-aquiski is baaaaaack
  • B-osa was super-human
  • S-herman did what he always does
  • A-rmstead was a monster
  • D-efo was the Hulk
  • W-arner was a beast
  • E-Man Moseley was The Man
  • J-immy Ward was the closer
  • S-oloman Thomas played like a #1 pick
  • D-efence was simply spectacular
  • O-line totally controlled the game
  • K-ittle and J-uice d-ominated with their run blocking all day long
  • P-eriod !!!

So just how dominating was this performance?

  • The Vikings had 7 first downs, the 2nd fewest in NFL Playoff history
  • They had 147 total yards, the 2nd fewest in NFL Playoff history
  • They had Zero 1st downs on the ground and were 2/12 on 3rd downs
  • They had 64 total yards in the 2nd half and had the ball for only 9:25 in the final 30 minutes
  • They had 21 total rushing yards and only 7 in the 2nd half
  • Delvin Cook had 18 yards rushing on 9 carries
  • The Niners ran the ball 47 times, the Vikings had 45 total offensive plays
  • The Niners had 21 first downs, Cousins had 21 completions for 126 net yards (176 total minus 46 yards in lost yards due to 6 Niner sacks)
  • Nick Bosa had 2 sacks… Adam Thielen had 2 catches
  • The Vikings didn’t enter Niner territory in the 2nd half until the final 2 garbage time drives
  • After Sherman’s Interception, the Niners ran the ball down the “stout” Vikings defense throats eight straight times for the game sealing drive. They continued to repeat the same running plays because they knew the Vikings couldn’t stop them. The Vikings knew what was coming but couldn’t make adjustments to stop the Niners. I’ve seen the Niner O-line be good with change-of-direction finesse blocks, but this is the first time that I can recall that they simply mauled their opponent’s D-line.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo threw the ball only 6 times in the 2nd half.
  • Jimmy G had a “pancake block” on the Vikings All-Pro linebacker, Anthony Barr, on a double reverse run by Deebo Samuel. Garoppolo is 25 pounds lighter than Barr but Jimmy’s block put Barr on his ass. His Niner teammates loved it.

Not much else to say, except, “Feels Great, Baby !!!”

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