Niners Beat Rams in Thrilla – Showdown with Hawks Up Next

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If you want to work-out and race your heart, tune in and watch a Niner game. They are sure to give you a hard pounding 3 hour work-out. In their 12-3 season, their three loses came on the last play of the game:

  • Lost to the Seahawks in OT on a field goal after the Niners had a chance to win with a field goal in OT.
  • Lost to the Ravens on a field goal on the last play of the game after the Niners couldn’t convert on 4th and one late in the 4th quarter. A first down would have given them a great chance to run the clock out and secure a win.
  • Lost to the Falcons on a play at the end zone where Julio Jones crossed the plain of the goal line by inches with 2 seconds left in the game.

Last Sunday, the Rams came into town with their playoff lives on the line. They came out with a great game plan where they rolled Goff out consistently on miss-direction plays. The Niners simply could not stop them as they took a 21-7 lead. Robert Saleh made the in-game adjustments and held the Rams to 10 points the rest of the game while the Niners scored 27 with the winning 3 points on the final play of the game.

The game turning play came just before half-time when all world LB Fred Warner scored on a pick-six as he read a Goff sideline pass, made the interception, almost fell and ran 54 yards for the pick-six.

If that wasn’t enough, the Rams tied the game with about 3 minutes left in the game on a field goal. In their final drive, the Niners faced two 3rd and 16 situations that they had to convert, else they would have had to punt and give the Rams enough time to drive and win the game. They had been zero for 20 on 3rd and 15+ yards this season. They converted both situations into 1st downs and kept their game winning drive alive. Jimmy Garoppolo separated himself from being a good QB into a great QB on those two plays. The first conversion was a Garoppolo bullet to Kendrick Bourne down the middle. The second conversion came with 58 seconds left in the game when Jimmy G. found E-Man Sanders wide open down the field for a 46 yard gain over Jalen Ramsey to the 24 yard line. What made that play extra special was that Garoppolo held the ball until the very last split second and actually had his throwing arm hit while he was releasing the ball. Garoppolo was under siege all night long as the Rams came to play and sacked him 6 times. Two of the sacks came in that last drive creating those 3rd and 16 situations. After the long completion to Sanders, Tevin Coleman ran 9 yards and Jimmy G. took a knee centering the ball for Robbie Gould’s game winning field goal.

It was indeed a “Thrilla in Santa Clara.”

Next up is the game of the year vs the Seahawks up in Seattle for the West title. Btw, how many games of the year have the Niners played this season… The first game vs the Seahawks, the game vs the Packers, the game vs the Ravens, the game vs the Saints, and now the 2nd game vs the Seahawks. The Seahawks lost their two powerful running backs in their loss to the Cardinals but the Niners have had 15 players on IR this year. Injuries are part of the game so it is Next Man Up for both teams in this show-down. It should be another Thrilla…

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