Niners Win On Sloppy Field, Go 6-0…

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The Niners played on the Redskins’ Mud Bowl yesterday and came out with a 9-0 win in the shortest NFL game in 10 years, 2 hours and 36 minutes. Combined, the Redskins and Niners ran the ball 65 times out of 103 plays (63.1 % of the time). As the clock keeps on ticking after run plays, the game was short and sweet (or as some analysts wrote, short and ugly). Obviously, Fantasy players who had either team’s players were disappointed.

Under the wet, muddy and sloppy conditions that existed, both teams used the correct strategy… run the ball and stay in the game as any fumble or interception could mean the difference in the game. As for articles written about this being an ugly and boring game, a win in the NFL is pretty no matter how ugly it appeared to be.

What this win proved is that both the Niners Defense and Offense can play under any conditions and do enough to win games… the Defense in dominating style and the Offense in a controlling and “do enough” manner. The Defense is like an “all weather tire” which travels well under any conditions and will take this team very far.  An absolutely telling stat which displays how dominating this Defense has become is that the Redskins ran a grand total of 14 plays in the 2nd half. The Offense sticks to its core running game no matter the circumstances and eventually wears the opponent’s defense out. They had two time consuming drives in the 4th quarter resulting in 2 field goals with the last one icing the game with a few minutes left in the game.

The Defense held the Redskins to 50 yards passing and 104 yards running for a mere 154 yards of offense. Case Keenum had a QBR of 25.9 after the Defense held Jared Goff to a QBR of 1.1 the week before. The Niner Offense generated 146 yards passing while compiling 137 rushing yards for a total of 283 yards. Jimmy G was 12-21 in passing plays for 146 net yards and had a QBR rating of 83.4. He had only 10 yards of passing in the 1st half so what this tells you is that the Niners’ run game wore out the Redskin’s defense in the 2nd half and allowed Garoppolo to be more effective with his play-action passing game. There are a lot of Garoppolo haters out there, but there is one stat that sums up his effectiveness. As a starter, he is 14-2… Hate that, you haters !!!

While the Niners are now 6-0, the difficult part of their schedule is coming up as they’ll have to face Cam Newton, Kyler Murray twice, Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson twice, and Lamar Jackson. These QB’s will really test the Niners’ all weather Defense. As Kyle Shanahan says, 6-0 is nice but the Niners have a lot of work to do to get better. They can’t get complacent with the tough part of the schedule ahead of them.

Game ball goes to Julian Taylor who had a monster 4th down stop on Adrian Peterson and also recovered a Peterson fumble. Taylor had been inactive all year but had to step in when D.J. Jones injured his hamstring last week. This simply shows how deep the Niners are on their Defensive front. Kyle Shanahan gave his game ball to his Dad (Mike) who had to endure very hard times under the Redskins’ inept owner and management.

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